Tailored to me - Eluxevo

Tailored to me

Multi-sensory heating: designed to fit your style

Your comfort is unique. We don’t believe in making comfort one-size-fits-all; we believe your comfort is about your personal feeling. Your home is your canvas. Eluxevo offer a rich pallet of multi-sensory comfort options and experiences for you to personalise for every occasion and mood. Eluxevo is the multi-sensory comfort experience for you and your home, that doesn’t cost the Earth.


There is only one way to feel the difference of a home with Eluxevo, and that is to experience it.

Customize your home heating

We each have different comfort needs. Why shouldn’t your heating reflect that? Eluxevo empowers you to tailor your comfort experience for a richer and more immersive feeling.

Designer comfort


Your home, just like you:

Lemon-zest cushions, freshly ground coffee, picture-frame memories of companionship. Your home tells your story. Enjoy it, express it, with multi-sensory comfort.

Experience your home


Enrich every occasion:

An Eluxevo home is a hub for social interaction and wellbeing. Need to feel energised? Looking for relaxation? More than just comfort, Eluxevo is an experience

Warmth when you need it

We don’t keep you waiting:

Eluxevo offers you responsive comfort to remove the chill from your home, like when you get out of bed or out of the shower. Enjoy the feeling of being bathed in warmth.

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