For working from home - Eluxevo

For working from home

Maximise your work-from-home productivity with Eluxevo. 

Finding it hard to focus, or to “switch off” the stress at the end of the day?  Make the switch to Eluxevo and take control of your home office comfort with customisable lighting and heating options. Benefits of a multi-sensory workspace include:


  • Tailor your lighting conditions to suit your needs. 
  • Take control over your personal thermal comfort.
  • Seamlessly switch your experience from work to relaxation.
  • Enhance productivity and overall well-being across the changing seasons.

Are you or your colleagues affected by the changing seasons?

Winter is not summer.  Dark, cold, and grey days can make the best of us feel without energy and less happy.  Hot and sticky days much the same.  Does your mood and productivity slip, when working from home? 


You’re not alone.  Nature’s seasons are its wonder, but that doesn’t mean we’re not affected.


Most people don’t realise that this is normal and tied to your psychology and physiology: your Cycadean Rhythm (your body clock) and your your thermal comfort.  The two work together and are affected by the light and radiant warmth of sunshine.  Working in chilly and dark, or overtly warm environments may cut energy use, but it negatively impacts mood, and increases the risk of  poor productivity and illness.


Discover Eluxevo:  Multi-sensory smart heating and lighting solutions that help you to feel your best and be your best, whatever the season or weather.

A home without Eluxevo
  • Environment transitions create discomfort
  • Cold spots throughout the home
  • Negative influence on mood and focus
A home with Eluxevo
  • Adapts to maintain comfort
  • Seamless energy optimisation
  • Personalise your preferences

Avoid the cold-shock of heating bills and cost concerns

Do you compromise on comfort, and possibly your health, to save on energy bills?  Balancing a comfortable work environment and cost concerns can hinder productivity.  Whether it’s turning off lights and heating to save money, or hesitating to work from home due to energy usage worries, cost-consciousness can not only distract, but be very bad for your health. 


Take control of your comfort and wellbeing: Eluxevo offers a solution.  Our unique multi-sensory heating system, gives you back control to minimise your bills and enhance your comfort, so you can feel great and do great things.

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