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Change that feels good

Multi-sensory heating: making change feel good!

We think labelling things as simply good or bad is not productive. When we put aside our biases, we rarely see an absolute perspective. We believe a good life is about balance. We believe that for change to happen we should first resolve the barriers to that change, and help that change feel good and do good.


The urgency for change:

There are signs all around us that our natural environment is changing for the worse. Our home, Earth, is at risks of catastrophic climate heating. Carbon Dioxide emissions are out of balance. 


Is your house a smoker?

If the energy heating you home is gas, oil, or LPG, you will see a white plume of gasses coming out the side of your home (especially on a cold day) that includes Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide, which are invisible, but harmful gasses.


Be the change you want to see:

Use of fossil fuels for heating homes in the UK adds over 70 million tonnes equivalent of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere each year. When you change to Eluxevo, you can feel good and do good.

By supporting or installing and enjoying Eluxevo you can make a positive change: to your comfort, to your physical and mental wellbeing; to your energy use; to your impact on our home. 


The best bit: you don’t need to remove your boiler!

We recognise that something as useful as a boiler is difficult to stop using today or tomorrow, even if too much Carbon Dioxide is toxic for the Earth and all life on it. Eluxevo is a desirable multi-sensory addition to you heating system, helping you to enjoy your home and cut carbon.


Eluxevo, and the electric revolution:

The future of home heating is about to be transformed once again. It is not for us to decide for you, what change you want to see, but we offer you a solution that feels good: the experience of a multi-sensory home comfort, whatever the weather.

There is a new source of energy that is driving change: renewable electricity

There is a new source of smart that is driving change: shared intelligence.


Renewable electricity:

Most people are aware that many countries are investing heavily in renewable sources of electricity, like solar, wind, tidal; to power an ever-growing offer of products that improve our lives, whilst minimising the cost to the Earth. It is not a matter of if, but when, we will all be making the best use of renewable electricity for all our energy needs at home. A good balance.


Shared intelligence:

Humans are nature’s most formidable problem solver, but too often technology makes it harder to make the right choices. Eluxevo is designed to minimise the complexity of choice between comfort, energy efficiency and cost. Smarter systems offer efficiency whilst giving you the control of your comfort experience.


The cost of waiting:

Is your home fitted with a gas, oil, or LPG boiler for heating? Does your comfort at home sometimes feel underwhelming compared to the cost of heating it? Eluxevo makes your home comfort our top priority whilst minimising energy waste, carbon, and cost. The more you wait the more you could loose.


Thinking of installing a heat pump?

If you decide to retrofit your boiler with a heat pump in future, and with Eluxevo already installed, you can avoid having to fit new radiators and all the structural upheaval and disruption that a retrofit in your home brings. If you have installed a heat pump, and are concerned about the cost of running it to keep comfortable, you could still benefit from installing Eluxevo.


There is only one way to feel the difference of a home with Eluxevo, and that is to experience it.