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Anticipate the winning move

Desirable, sustainable, multi-sensory comfort

Thank you for your interest in Eluxevo. We are a growing team of passionate people across design, engineering, marketing, user experience, and frustrated customers of heating solutions that aren’t designed for people and planet.


Our vision: Where our brand is synonymous with desirable comfort; where our innovation serves people and our planet; and where desire and caring is as symbiotic as our products and services.


Our mission: To accelerate the transition to sustainable, intuitive, and desirable comfort for every home.

You will make it happen: Our customers. Our investors. Our employees. Our suppliers. Our partners. Our supporters.


The on-demand trends that are making it happen:

  • Experience design, style and comfort for the home.
  • Personalisation of care and wellbeing for the home.
  • Sustainable living.
  • Entertaining at home.
  • Working from home.
  • Energy efficient green-technologies.
  • Lifestyle-enhancing smart-technologies.
  • Affordable luxury. 

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Make the winning move: We would love to hear your questions, tell us why you’re interested, offer your support, or something else.