For entertaining at home - Eluxevo

For entertaining at home

Multi-sensory heating: create memorable moments

A cold and uninviting home is not what anyone wants to greet guests with. Guessing their preferences can be hit-and-miss. At Eluxevo, we know what makes a space feel welcoming and comfortable. Eluxevo’s multi-sensory comfort system is an entirely new way to create uniquely desirable experiences, to bring on those genuine smiles and genuine compliments.


There is only one way to feel the difference of a home with Eluxevo, and that is to experience it.

Designer comfort


Your home, just like you:

Lemon-zest cushions, freshly ground coffee, picture-frame memories of companionship. Your home tells your story. Enjoy it, express it, with multi-sensory comfort.

Experience your home


Enrich every occasion:

An Eluxevo home is a hub for social interaction and wellbeing. Need to feel energised? Looking for relaxation? More than just comfort, Eluxevo is an experience

Comfort that adapts to you


Technology that serves you:

The easy and intuitive way to control comfort. The helpful automation to minimise bills. If getting the right balance for your home feels like guesswork or sacrifice, Eluxevo offer you a solution.

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