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For my wellbeing

Multi-sensory heating: looking after you

You may notice that your comfort, mental, and physical wellbeing is determined by your experience of your environment, such as getting out of a warm bed or a hot shower and feeling the pinch of cold. We know when we are too cold or too warm, but there is a wide, sub-conscious, gap of discomfort that can chip away at our mood, energy, and health. Eluxevo’s multi-sensory system offers the ingredients to enhance your wellbeing at home.


There is only one way to feel the difference of a home with Eluxevo, and that is to experience it.

Multi-sensory comfort


Feeling is everything:

Why is it your home feels colder on a cloudy day than a sunny day? Eluxevo offers a unique comfort experience that feels as natural and as comforting as sunshine, whatever the weather brings.

experience it.

Experience your home

Enrich every occasion:

An Eluxevo home is a hub for social interaction and wellbeing. Need to feel energised? Looking for relaxation? More than just comfort, Eluxevo is an experience

Warmth where you need it


Removing the discomfort:

Does saving energy and optimising comfort in your home sometimes feel like a battle ground? Eluxevo responds to your needs to optimise comfort and minimise energy use, for your peace of mind.

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