For my family - Eluxevo

For my family

Multi-sensory heating: bring the family together

Bringing you, your family, and friends together through comfort and shared experiences. As the saying goes: there is no place like home. To make a house a home takes something special. Once it was the fireplace, now it’s Eluxevo. As experts in human comfort, Eluxevo offer you the magic touch to tailor all-new experiences. Eluxevo is the multi-sensory comfort experience for you and your home, that doesn’t cost the Earth.


There is only one way to feel the difference of a home with Eluxevo, and that is to experience it.

Comfort, not a thermostat


Temperature is only part of it:

Eluxevo doesn’t see your comfort as a number, we see it as a feeling. If you want your comfort to decide, rather than the thermostat, we offer you a solution.

Experience your home

Enrich every occasion:

An Eluxevo home is a hub for social interaction and wellbeing. Need to feel energised? Looking for relaxation? More than just comfort, Eluxevo is an experience

Multi-sensory comfort


Feeling is everything:

Why is it your home feels colder on a cloudy day than a sunny day? Eluxevo offers a unique comfort experience that feels as natural and as comforting as sunshine, whatever the weather brings.

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