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For home improvement

Multi-sensory heating: a more desirable home

Do you see “new kitchen”, or “flipping the perfect pancake and laughing with friends”? Do you see a “new armchair”, or “me-time with a great read”? Do you still treat your heating like a utility: on, off; too hot, too cold; “Warm”? Eluxevo see it differently, we see home comfort as an experience to be enjoyed, and to be shared, and to be valued. Eluxevo is the multi-sensory comfort experience for you and your home, that doesn’t cost the Earth.


There is only one way to feel the difference of a home with Eluxevo, and that is to experience it.

Designer comfort


Your home, just like you:

Lemon-zest cushions, freshly ground coffee, picture-frame memories of companionship. Your home tells your story. Enjoy it, express it, with multi-sensory comfort.

Experience your home


Enrich every occasion:

An Eluxevo home is a hub for socialisation and wellbeing. Need to feel energised? Looking for relaxation? More than just comfort, Eluxevo is an experience

Discover at your pace


Modular by design:

Eluxevo grows with you, one room at a time. Try it with minimum commitment, and without replacing your heating system. Unlock the benefits of whole-home automation when it feels right.

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