For smart energy use - Eluxevo

For smart energy use

Multi-sensory heating: energy efficiency and control

What makes Eluxevo Smart home heating different? Gone are the days of comfort as a simple, one-dimensional thermostatic setting! Welcome to Eluxevo, where your comfort matters. Through human-centred design, Eluxevo is especially crafted to adapt to your needs, reduce complexity, and create experiences. Eluxevo is the multi-sensory comfort experience for you and your home, that doesn’t cost the Earth.


There is only one way to feel the difference of a home with Eluxevo, and that is to experience it.

Comfort that adapts to you


Technology that serves you:

The easy and intuitive way to control comfort. The helpful automation to minimise bills. If getting the right balance for your home feels like guesswork or sacrifice, Eluxevo offer you a solution.

Comfort, not a thermostat

Temperature is only part of it:

Eluxevo doesn’t see your comfort as a number, we see it as a feeling. If you want your comfort to decide, rather than the thermostat, we offer you a solution.

Warmth where you need it


Removing the discomfort:

Does saving energy and optimising comfort in your home sometimes feel like a battle ground? Eluxevo responds to your needs to optimise comfort and minimise energy use, for your peace of mind.

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